Say NO to marine parks!

Say NO to zoos Say NO to circuses YOU have the power to make a difference by boycotting!

We now understand, without question that large marine mammals do NOT belong in small Aquariums or private ‘shows’.

Please - lets end this, lets be the better animal : we are the ones with the power to set the others free.

Zoos are very important for conservation and protection of species, along with allowing vital studies to be carried out.
Zoos are important, don’t hate zoos, hate seaworld.

Yeah about Seaworld?

They actually make you sign a contract when you start to work for them saying you’re not allowed to talk about how the animals are treated until you quit.
This needs to be against the law.

Do you know that without zoos there would be no such thing as White Rhinos? The species has gone extinct in the wild, but still exist in zoos. With this knowledge, zoos will probably try as hard as they can to reintroduce the population into their natural habit. So, we really shouldn’t hate zoos.